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General Training Essay - advantages and disadvantages of modernization of cities

Many old cities around the world are going through a major process of modernization. What are the advantages and disadvantages of modernization?

Modernization is the process by which cities are being transformed under the impact of the scientific and technological revolution. Modernization is usually associated with urban and industrial development. Cities are growing as economic and cultural centers, and new technologies have transformed almost every aspect of life. As everything has its pros and cons, similarly modernization also has its good and bad points which I shall discuss in this essay.

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General Training Essay - Advantages and disadvantages of competitive sports

Some people think competitive sport is important for a child's education. Others think it has negative effects on children. Discuss both views and give your opinion.

In recent years, due to stiff competition in almost every area some people opine that competitive sports have a beneficial impact on children’s education. However, there are some who disagree with the above notion. Before presenting my view, I intend to explore both sides of the argument.{jcomments on}

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General Training Essay - Importance of teaching public speaking in schools

People find it very difficult to speak in public or to give a presentation before an audience. Do you think public speaking skill is really important? Give reasons. Some people say public speaking should be taught at school. Do you agree or disagree?

Public speaking and oration are the most valued skills that an individual can possess. These skills can be used for almost anything. The most influential prophets and leaders were those who could sway their audiences verbally. The Powerful oratory skills of many leaders have won wars, averted mass panic and saved companies from financial disaster. Unfortunately, speaking in public is one of the most feared activities today. In the following paragraphs, I shall delve into the importance of the skill of public speaking. I believe that it should definitely be a part of the school curricula.{jcomments on}

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General Training Essay - building more roads can solve the traffic problems - agree/disagree

Some people think building more roads can reduce the traffic problems. What do you think of this solution? OR

Traffic jam is a problem in many towns and cities. Some people suggest that governments build wider roads in order to solve the problem. Do you agree or disagree?

It is irrefutable that the increasing traffic is a grave problem but I disagree that constructing more roads can reduce the traffic problems. Trying to cure traffic congestion by adding more capacity is like trying to cure obesity by loosening your belt. Other measures are needed to solve this problem.{jcomments on}

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General Training Essay - Noise pollution - causes and solutions

The level of noise around us is constantly increasing, and is affecting the quality of our lives. What cause the noise? What should be done about it?

Displeasing sound that interrupts the balance of human or animal life is known as “Noise pollution.” It has harmful effects on the physiological and psychological health of human beings. It can cause heart problems, hearing problems, sleeplessness and mental health problems. This essay shall discuss the causes and possible solutions to reduce noise problems.{jcomments on}

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