{jcomments on}Describe a group activity you successfully took part in (for example, at school, university or work).

You should say:

what the activity was

who was with you

how easy or difficult it was

and explain how you felt about being part of this team.

  • I have done many group activities when I was in school such as playing games like cricket and volleyball.
  • But here I am going to talk about a group activity which was making a model for participating in an environment fair.
  • This fair is held every year in December in my home town
  • This model was on the topic of pollution
  • We were a team of four students – Mohit, Rohan, Ravi and I.
  • It was very difficult to collect ideas for the model, but our teacher, Mrs Promilla helped us.
  • We collected all data from different sources like the internet, library, magazines and so on
  • We presented all three types of pollution – air, water and noise pollution - on thermocol
  • In this project we showed the causes, effects and ways to control pollution
  • We had to speak turn wise on our model.
  • I remember I was very afraid to speak.
  • But my other friends gave me the confidence. I felt very good that I was part of that team.
  • I spoke very well that time.
  • Getting over my glossophobia was an accomplishment for me.
  • We won the first prize in this competition.
  • The judges specially mentioned that the first prize was mainly because of the verbal explanation of the model.
  • This fair was covered by the local cable TV and so many people of the neighbourhood congratulated me the next day.
  • Our photograph was also there in the local newspaper Jag Baani.
  • Our school principal also appreciated us
  • I cannot forget that day.
  • All four of us were on cloud nine on that day.

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