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A situation when you behaved politely

  • I am normally a very well behaved person.
  • And I don’t lose my temper easily.
  • But here I m going to speak about a situation it was very easy to be angry and rude; but I still behaved politely.
  • It so happened that I bought a beautiful pearl necklace for myself.
    I bought this necklace after saving my pocket money for one whole year.
  • One day my 7 year old cousin came to my house and started fiddling with my jewellery box.
  • I stopped her many times but she wouldn’t listen.
  • She took my pearl necklace and broke its string.
  • All the pearls scattered on the floor.
  • I was very angry.
  • I wanted to slap her hard.
  • But I have read somewhere that if you are really very angry then you should clench your fist and count 10.
  • I did that. And by the time I had counted 10 my anger vanished.
  • I didn’t say anything to my cousin.
  • After all she’s only a child.
  • Then I picked all the pearls and got them re-stringed.
  • I know very well that if I had beaten my cousin for breaking my necklace or even spoken some harsh words to her, I would have felt bad later on.
  • Anger and rudeness leads to nothing
  • Whereas politeness is the flower of humanity.

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